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Electrical damage at home

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Please add as much documents as possible in order to optimise the processing of your claim! Please ask your providers for quotations, invoices, technical reports, etc. in Spanish, as the insurance companies’ technical experts speak Spanish!

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What measures should be taken in the event of electrical damage at home?

As soon as you are aware of the existence of the incident, keep calm and try to take some urgent measures:

  • Disconnect the main circuit breaker.
  • Disconnect the device that caused the problem.
  • In the event of fire, try to put it out provided it is small and you have the appropriate means (fire extinguishers).
  • If not, call 112 (the emergency telephone number).
  • To help a person electrified by a current: immediately cut the power, it this is not possible, try to separate them from it using an insulating element (table, bar, wooden chair...).
  • Remember that an electrified person runs the risk of falling when the power is cut.
  • Call the emergency telephone number 112.
  • Always keep the equipment concerned for subsequent verification.
  • Important: we need pictures from before and after the reparation.
  • If it is a power surge or power cut, report the incident to your electricity company.

What information needs to be provided if there are electrical faults in your home?

When you get in touch with Zurich Insurance, you will need to have the following on hand:

If you have not repaired the damage:

  • The details of the circumstances of the claim: possible causes and consequences.
  • The details of the damaged equipment and whether it is feasible to repair it: this requires a technical report carried out by a qualified technician.
  • The reference number your electricity company gave you for your claim (in the event of anomalies in the supply, such as a power surge).
  • The damaged equipment for verification.

If you have already repaired the damage:

  • A letter detailing the circumstances in which the incident occurred.
  • The bill, duly legalised, for the repair with details of the work carried out.
  • A technical report on the repair.
  • The reference number your electricity company gave you for your claim.
  • The damaged equipment for verification.

To report the claim, you can contact:

If you have any problems, you can contact GrupoXandra: