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Report damage

Fire in your home

Please fill in each section of the form below. The more information you provide, the sooner and better we can help you

Please add as much documents as possible in order to optimise the processing of your claim! Please ask your providers for quotations, invoices, technical reports, etc. in Spanish, as the insurance companies’ technical experts speak Spanish!

Personal details

What do you need to do in the event of a fire in your home?

Fast reactions can help reduce the consequences of a fire at home, so we recommend you stay calm and try to follow these guidelines:

  • If the fire is small, try to put it out with the appropriate means (fire extinguishers).
  • If a cooking pan catches fire, do not try to put it out with water, simply cover it.
  • Close the doors of evacuated rooms to stop the spread of the fire and smoke as far as possible.
  • Cut the mains gas supply and electricity.
  • If there is smoke, crouch next to a wall and breathe through a damp cloth.
  • Never use lifts as they could get blocked.
  • Leave the building by using the emergency stairs, or if there aren't any, the regular stairs.
  • Call the emergency telephone number (112) and report what has happened.

What documents do you need to submit after a fire in your home?

You will need to send us the following information for the report to be correctly opened:

  • A detail of the circumstances of the fire and its possible cause.
  • An approximate economic estimate of the damage.
  • State if you require a repairer.
  • Report whether there are any injured or responsible third parties and their contact details.
  • If you have proof of the intentional action of third parties, you will need to report this to the appropriate authorities and send us the report.
  • Important: we need pictures from before and after the reparation.

To report the claim, you can contact:

If you have any problems, you can contact GrupoXandra: