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Report damage

Claim Public Liability

Please fill in each section of the form below. The more information you provide, the sooner and better we can help you

Please add as much documents as possible in order to optimise the processing of your claim! Please ask your providers for quotations, invoices, technical reports, etc. in Spanish, as the insurance companies’ technical experts speak Spanish!

What to do in case of a claim due to Public Liability:

Since Public Liability is a delicate subject, we would like to inform you about some details.

“In the criminal procedure, the Public Liability can be established as the duty that the author of an offence or fault has to repair financially the damages caused or resulted from his/her infringement. The Public Liability’s aim is to compensate the victim for the damages caused and that way it pursues a private interest. 

Mending the damages caused could imply the duties of giving, doing or stop doing something, and it would be decided by the Judge, depending on the nature of the injury and to the personal and financial conditions of the culprit.”

In case of a claim due to Public Liability, an expert will have to examine the facts, and if the expert considers it necessary, the insurance company could take the case to court and a judge would have the last decision.

For this reason, it is very important that we prepare the documentation requested and submit the facts very carefully. This will make the expert’s work (and the judge’s, if necessary) much easier:

  1. Writing signed by the policyholder, with his/her ID/Passport Number, and a detailed description of his/her version of the facts.
  2. Copy of ID/Passport of the policy holder.
  3. Writing signed by the victim with a detailed description of his/her version of the facts, saying what he/she is claiming to our customer. On the writing, his/her ID/Passport Number has to be on it and as well a contact phone number.
  4. Copy of ID/Passport of the victim.
  5. Quotation or invoice for the reparation of the claimed object (in case the object cannot be repaired: quotation /invoice of the new object to replace the broken one).
  6. In case of personal injury: list of damages and compensation the victim is claiming.
  7. Details from possible witnesses: full name, ID/ Passport, phone number and address.
  8. Keep the broken object, which is being claimed, as the expert will have to examine it.
  9. If possible, take pictures of the object to make easier the expert’s work. Send these to our office.
  10. Documents to proof that the claimed object is property of the victim: invoices, proof of payment…

If we have these documents as soon as possible, it will help us to give a quick solution to the claim, as Public Liability cases are usually very complicated.