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DKV Authorizations

Please fill in each section of the form below. The more information you provide, the sooner and better we can help you

Please add as much documents as possible in order to optimise the processing of your claim! Please ask your providers for quotations, invoices, technical reports, etc. in Spanish, as the insurance companies’ technical experts speak Spanish!

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What tests require authorization?
Complex diagnostic tests and treatments, transfers via ambulance, prostheses and implants, psychotherapy sessions, preventive programmes or checkups and hospital admissions require authorization.

Some specific authorizations must be requested in writing for an assessment of our medical team. Specialist consultations do not require authorization; your MEDICARD® health insurance card is sufficient.

When requesting authorization for hospitalization or surgery, information on the doctor, clinic or hospital, admission date and prescription must be supplied. You must keep the authorization number in order to carry out the test or procedure requested.

How can I request an authorization if I can't get to an office?​

  • By phone: 976 506 000.
  • Through the "Customer area"
  • With the assistance of GrupoXandra, send us the prescription for the medical test and the medical report.

Do I have to request authorization to see a specialist?
No. You have free access to specialists. You must request authorization from DKV only for complex diagnostic tests, treatments and hospitalization.