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Legal aid Family 12 m

A whole year, a lawyer at your side!
In our everyday work we often get questions from customers about legal issues, rights and duties, legal procedures... As your insurance agent, I think my duty is to inform you about the latest product of ARAG legal insurance.

ARAG legal insurance is a legal assistance insurance service for the whole family, providing covers in private life, work, consumer issues, etc. for a very reasonable price. It is a very advisable product for every foreigner in Spain, and it has the following advantages:
Legal advice on the phone (so you can avoid many problems in advance...) If you have a question about neighbour-related problems: everyone has his own (mostly dated) version of the facts ready. But which version is true? Call the advice line and you will get an immediate response from a real lawyer.

Legal assistance within and outside the court : If you need a private attorney, you would be paying for an initial consultation already the same as the yearly premium of this insurance...

Revision and editing of documents If you need a contract or a complaint document in Spanish format, you can use the latest service ARAG evision and editing of documents. ARAG helps you in the preparation and review of the documents and contracts without an extra cost (new service, valid for a full range of documents or procedures you often use in private life)
On-line Services If you want to be thoroughly informed about certain questions, or simply about your rights and obligations, then you can use the “Legal online service“. For example, you can find out everything about inheritance law in Spain...

Why is this insurance so important for you as a foreigner? Spanish law differs from your country law and changes constantly. Through the advice line you can ask ARAG questions on any topic in your private life, and you will get a correct and up to date answer. Because everything in Spain is “different or less organized“, you might have to confront problematic situations. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that you have an expert lawyer at your side.

You can choose using your own lawyer and ARAG will pay up to 6000€, but with the lawyers of ARAG the expenses are unlimited.
ARAG has also English-speaking lawyers.
The annual premium of the policy is about 120€, so for 0.38€ a day, you have for a whole year, a lawyer at your side.

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