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Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance

At times when one needs someone else to deal with everything, we take care of all procedures in the event of a death.

The insurance policy that takes care of everything

Basic: Funeral arrangements as agreed

Top up benefit: To compensate the possible difference between the contracted figure and the real figure on the day

Transfer of the deceased from anywhere in the world to any cemetery in Spain

Basic world wide assistance:Transfer or repatriation of the injured or sick

Medical, surgical and pharmaceutical expenses, hospitalisation and emergency dental treatment abroad

Delivery of medicines. Long distance consultations

In the case of death: return of insured person beforehand due to a relatives death, and transfer from mainland to island or contrary

Optional: Payment for additional burial costs. To cover small incidental costs as a result of the burial (transport, stay, accommodation, etc.)

Personal accident insurance: compensation in case of death or permanent disability due to an accident

Subsidy for hospitalisation for whatever reason

Complementary world wide assistance:

transfer of deceased from anywhere in the world to any cemetery in Spain.

Noteworthy elements

Semi-natural premium. This premium is applied according to the actual age of the individual

Additional Provision for Exceptional Burial Expenses. If this cover is contracted, the family will always receive a sum of money to cover the small costs generated by a funeral

Possibility of transporting individuals from abroad

DKV is the only company in the sector to apply cheaper rates to women, given that they live longer

Hospitalisation for any reason and for up to 365 days

2% automatic annual revaluation of capital and Premium


We are with you when you most need us.

You can freely choose the place of burial and the service you require.

You will receive written information on the administrative and legal procedures to be carried out after a death.

It covers transportation to domestic soil (wherever chosen) from anywhere in the world. We are always with you (whole life policy).

You will not have to organise burial procedures or proceedings at especially difficult times.

For a small sum of money you can insure the whole family.

DKV is the only company in the sector to apply cheaper rates to women, given that they live longer.

Hospitalisation for any cause and for up to 365 days.

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