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Home insurance

Are you an owner, tenant, or landlord? The guarantees you need are obvioulsy different. In any case, we can provide you with the best insurance coverage at the best price. We can insure your apartment, vacation home, villa, and even your castle.

Building Insurance / Home Insurance: With a building insurance (home insurance), you insure the property and everything attached to it. Think of walls, the roof, but also a glued floor or the bathroom. Damage from fire, lightning, or floods. We cannot prevent your home from being damaged, but we can cover the financial risk for you.

Contents Insurance: With this  insurance, you insure everything that is not attached to the home, such as furniture, television, and clothing. Damage from burglary or fire? With Zurich's contents insurance, you can protect all your important possessions. Customize the policy according to your personal needs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Liability or Family Insurance: Accidents can always happen. If someone else is injured or their belongings are damaged as a result, this coverage ensures you don't have financial worries because of it.

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GrupoXandravk S.L., tratará sus datos personales para dar respuesta a las solicitudes planteadas a cerca de los seguros. En este formulario no es necesario darnos datos de salud, rogamos se abstengan de ello. Puede ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, supresión y portabilidad de sus datos, de limitación y oposición a su tratamiento, así como a no ser objeto de decisiones basadas únicamente en el tratamiento automatizado de sus datos, cuando procedan, en la dirección de correo electrónico Le recomendamos que lea la política de privacidad antes de proporcionarnos sus datos personales.

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1 - Know that you are not obliged to affect a building insurance!
Building insurance is not obligatory.
only when you have a mortgage on the house.Then you can affect insurance with a mortgage clause in favor of the mortgage bank. Please know that you are not obliged to conclude insurance with the bank herself. When the bank for commercial reasons would try to urge you in effecting house insurance, know that the next year, you can go to a “real” insurance specialist like GrupoXandra.
Pay attention! Banks insure mostly only the amount of the mortgage, without controlling if you are under or -over insured. Building insurances must be based on the rebuilding value of the house. The value of the house and the rebuilding cost rise minimally with the annual inflation.

2 - Take care that you are also insured against natural catastrophes.
With Zurich you pay automatically a premium to the “consortium” (Spanish guarantee fund). So that your house in Spain is also insured against natural catastrophes.

3 - You should know in contracting the content insurance that you are correctly covered and with which conditions you must comply.
Speaking with the team of GrupoXandra you wont be surprised. Do know what exactly is covered and with which conditions you must comply to be eligible for being paid out.
Los seguros de atención telefónica o los que se contratan por internet no hacen el esfuerzo de profundizar en estas cuestiones, con todas las consecuencias negativas que pueda tener esto a la hora de indemnizar.
Some insurances exclude thefts while you being absent; some do not cover the bursting up of the water pipes; some insurances require you to hand over the requisition bills of the stolen or damaged objects, which might cause great problems if they got lost or damaged… Read the small print of your current policy.
Control if you are really insured against storm (from which speed on?) lightning, fire, extreme rainfall. Will your antenna or parabolic antenna be compensated? Will your solar panels be compensated if the building is insured, also for theft?
With a content insurance you should check if the policy is contracted for the value of new, except for antiques for the value of the day. There are many things to keep in mind.